Rules of this site

This website uses a number of features worth looking into.

Not Really Sure? - The Rules

This site allows members to post opinions about things presented as fact which may not be so.

The rules of the site are simple and are spelt out here:

  • All submissions and comments are checked to ensure that they do not include profanities.
  • No other modifications are made to members posts or comments.
  • The opinions expressed in a post are those of the member are in no way those of the site.
  • Members may comment on other members submissions.
  • No request for the removal of content from the site will be entertained.
  • No topic or subject is out of bounds.


The opinions posted on this site are those of the user posting them and are by no means endorsed by the site. Posts are moderated for profanities only an no topic is considered out of bounds. We believe in free speech and whilst we are still able to do so, we will allow anyone to publish.