How or What are We?

Who or what are we all about...?

So what are we all about?

We are all about free speech. A platform to cast doubt on things presented as fact.

As long as freedom exists, we will offer this platform.

We only make money from donations and haven't ever made enough to cover running expenses, but we live in hope!

We dislike advertisements and have so far managed to keep them off our site. We have every intention of keeping it this way.


The opinions posted on this site are those of the user posting them and are by no means endorsed by the site. Posts are moderated for profanities only an no topic is considered out of bounds. We believe in free speech and whilst we are still able to do so, we will allow anyone to publish.


If you have chash to spare and like what we do, the please feel free to donate what you can to us.

At the moment, you'll have to email us, but soon we will afford automated donations!

Uncertain [at] notreallysure [.com]

We spend all donations on the running costs for the site. All donations, big and small are very gratefully received.